Our mission is to enable people with disabilities to manage their own lives, make their own choices and give a person information and knowledge to assist in living with dignity and bravado.

LIFE, Inc.
Living Independently For Everyone


     At LIFE Incorporated, we strive to provide the best service available to our consumers. We make individual goal plans based on our consumer's needs and are supportive to each individual as they make and meet their goals. We provide the basic tools needed to help any person succeed and are there every step of the way to give guidance as needed, help see all options and choices available to the individual, and acknowledge and support those choices each individual makes for independent living. We are only as successful as our consumers, so we strive to give the best quality care and support.

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     LIFE Incorporated is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible.  We dedicate ourselves to having the most accurate, up to date information and equipment available to our consumers. 

     Our Assistive Technology Library contains equipment from walkers and wheelchairs and scooters, to communications technology, IPADs, learning tools and games, developmental technology and speech recognition devices that may be borrowed and used free of charge by our consumers to help determine what item works best for each individual need, for as long as they need it.

     Donations are always welcome. To make a donation to our Assistive Technology Library, please contact Val Johnson at 529-8610. She is in the Idaho Falls office.

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     All of our programs, information and referrals, and assistive technology items are free to anyone, and we try to keep the most up to date information as possible. We are here to help in any way we can to help individuals attain the resources they need to live independently. From finding housing assistance to food, medical care to Social Security, we are here to help each person find the right help out there to attain independent living.


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